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Copper and fiber optic fit-out

We are your powerful and reliable partner for planning, construction supervision and site management in the field of copper and fiber optic expansion in Germany. From the initial concept, through the groundbreaking ceremony, to completion, we support fiber optic providers and companies in smooth expansion of fiber optic networks.

Our more than 32 years of experience in this field tell their own tale.

"Made in Germany"
ADBOX - Display advertising and more...

In the field of grid marketing, we can offer you a certified POS screen and, if required, the associated solar panel for a wide range of service area interfaces and cabinets. The multifunctional display was developed by us together with German partners and brought to serial production. On this display, you can market advertising content precisely timed, targeted and accurately billed. Also important municipal information as well as warning messages, regulations and similar content can be displayed in a matter of seconds and thus reach a great number of citizens immediately.

"Made in Germany"
Expert construction supervision for deep excavation and fiber optic expansion projects: your reliable partner
Construction supervision

ESP e TRONIC GmbH takes over the construction supervision of fiber optic expansion projects for you and makes sure that the entire process runs according to plan.


Construction management

We will handle the construction management in copper and fiber optic expansion for you, coordinate the individual disciplines involved and ensure that everything is carried out on schedule.

We help make the energy footprints of e-vehicles more efficient to relieve the burden on public charging networks, increase the range of electric cars, pave a way for new in-vehicle energy storage systems and thus effectively protect the environment!

Watch our video on the innovative charging system of the future.

"Made in Germany"
Professional measuring devices for SAT / TV / CATV / Optic / IPTV

Are you looking for high-quality measuring
equipment for SAT and TV,
CATV and Optic as well as IPTV?

With us you get quality professional
devices that we ourselves have
put through their paces for you.

If you need more information,
please feel free to contact us.

HD quality tester

You need a reliable HD quality tester that precisely meets your requirements?

We manufacture our HD quality testers specifically for your usecase according to your requirements. You decide on the configuration.

Dynamic Ingress Blocker

Do you have problems with ingress
in the feedback channel, irradiation or
interference affecting performance?

As an innovative company, we have been working
on improving signal transmission in
the feedback channel for many years.

Here we offer you a product that
eliminates all problems in the feedback channel
– the Dynamic Ingress Blocker.